Test & tag Perth

Electrical testing services

serv_electric2Sentinal Group has been providing test and tag services to WA’s construction- and mining industries for over two decades. Our comprehensive tagging system includes the testing of appliances for insulation resistance and earth continuity/load capacities.

Quarterly electrical testing and tagging of portable appliances used in heavy operating environments such as workshops, mining areas, processing areas, and construction sites are compulsory requirements.

Test and tag services are deemed compulsory for the work place safety and OSH requirements of every commercial business. Sentinal Group’s electrical testing services are carried out in accordance with the electrical compliance standards for Australia. Our fully trained and licensed electricians are able to recognise electrical hazards and potentially unsafe conditions within your business and provide you with electrical testing services carried in line with the requirements of AS/NZS 3012:2003.

Regular testing of on-site electrical equipment used in the construction- and mining industries ensures all equipment is maintained and operated in a safe working condition.

Sentinal Group can provide all clients with a registry every quarter that includes the numbering of each appliance for easy test and tag identification and record keeping.

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